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[IP] Eye Problems

Hey y'all, 
I really don't want to ask this question, but I fear I must......woke up 
this morning with the inner corner of my left eye looking like it is 
bleeding behind the filmy covering.  Absolutely no pain, no effect at 
all, when I blink it seems to "wash" some of the blood back in there 
away.   Then it comes back.  I just popped my contacts in and 
went on my way.   I just checked it (2 hours from wake up) and it 
looks the same, no bigger, no smaller.  

Now I have occassionaly had a blood vessel pop in my eye from 
some minor injury and it goes away very quickly.  This doesn't 
appear to be the same as that, because there is no center 
spot....just a spot about 1/3 inch in diameter.  

Should I be concerned?  I can't remember what you call that eye 
thing where you have it lazered or I would look in archives.  You 
know how it is, you never pay attention to the stuff until it affects 

I really am hoping if I ignore it, it will go away....that is generally my 
stance.  But I do not want to do harm to my eyes.    Any feed back 
from your experiences would be appreciated.  

Bonnie Richardson
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