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Re: [IP] Novolog insulin aspart

At 05:26 PM 6/27/2001 Neal & Kara wrote:
 >My doc just gave me 5 vials of Novolog.  He suggested I switch from pumping
 >Hummalog to this stuff in my H-tron plus.  H says this insulin should be a
 >little more stable in my pump, but that it may have a little longer "tail"
 >than the H I'm used to.  He wants me to start with the same carb:insulin
 >ratios for boluses, and the same basals, but just chart really carefully for
 >a while to see how it goes.
 >Has anyone out there switched who has switched from Hummalog to Novolog
 >noticed any change that I should be alert to?  Thanks.

Last week, my doctor gave me a sample bottle of Novolog to try too. I'm 
just starting my second reservoir today. My initial impression is that for 
me, it is faster than Humalog. Humalog responded very slowly for me... 
peaking in about 3  hours. My initial feelings are that Novolog is peaking 
somewhere around 2 hours. This is about a 1/3 faster speed for me, which is 
very good news. I'll know more as I get a bit more time to experiment... 
but in the meantime I'm going to call the doctor to see if I can get more 
samples. No negative impressions yet.

Unfortunately, as far as I know Novolog isn't available in local pharmacies 
quite yet. However, since they are now handing out samples, I would think 
that it won't be too much longer.

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