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Re: [IP] Lantus before pump start?


As a *rough* rule of thumb, your Lantus dosages
will map to a single basal rate on the pump. I
know my Dr. uses a 1 to 1 mapping when starting
the pump (or going the other way too).  Your CDE
will have to do some calculating if she wants you
to have more than 1 basal rate.

Then you just have to calculate your bolus when
you eat and you should be in business.

Good luck & feel free to send me questions,

(One of the lab rats that helped test HOE901/Glargine/Lantus)

>Date: 27 Jun 2001 20:03:17 -0700
>From: Dana Hull <email @ redacted>
>Subject: [IP] Lantus before pump start?
>I will be the first patient that has gone from Lantus to the pump with my 
>CDE.  I start 7/6.  She is unsure what to do about the dosage the day 
>before.  She is going to a meeting with the company, but I wondered if 
>anyone here has gone from Lantus to the pump?  What did they do with your 
>dosage?  Thanks!

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