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Happy day!
I got a call from Edgepark Surgical (my HMO's dme supplier) asking for my credit card and what color pump I wanted!  This is just after faxing Healthnet my low hA1c.  I did send it with a letter explaining why it was NOT a reflection of good control, reminding them of the 2 recent ER visits, the incident with the police, and the use of Glucagon last week.  Earlier I used another "trick"....have no idea if this had any bearing.  I wrote up simple letters explaining how my diabetes control was affecting my job.  Since I work in surgery I know lots of docs.  I had 6 docs sign different letters in support of the tight control you can obtain with a pump.  That made a total of 9 letters to the co.  They got letters from my boss, a general surgeon, OB/Gyn's, orthopedic surgeons, and ENT surgeon, anesthesiologists, etc.  Like I said, have no idea if that helped but figured that it couldn't hurt.

Anyway, I'll shorten this up....a blue MM 508 will be shipped Friday, should receive it Tues and will start pumping insulin 7/6 at 11:30 am.  I AM SO EXCITED!  Oh, I wanted to try the quicksets but Edgepark can't get them until October so I'll start on the softsets, 9 mm cannula (I'm overweight) and 43" tubing.  I have to call to make sure I will get a serter tomorrow.  Anything else I need to get with that shipment?  They told me they will ship basic supplies...whatever that means.  OH, and since I'm met my $1000 out of pocket everything I get from Edgepark now comes with no co-pay so I'm free to try anything!

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