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RE: patients told to not test after diagnoses... so then I shouldn't be 
surprised when, after my step-father's recent dxd of Type 2 that his doctor 
hasn't even talked to him about even getting a meter let along testing AT 
ALL?????  And my dad is not willing to do anything without his MD telling him 
too, even though I have 4 years of day to day experience on Type 1 and the 
NEED to check, atleast sometime.  And my dad continues to eat and drink what 
he has always done and wonders why he gets dizzy, tired, naseous, heart 
palpatations, and everything else.  He waits until his followup visits to the 
doc to get his finger pricked!  When I took Josh and his friend down there 
Memorial weekend I check ed him TWICE during that visit, once he was 286 and 
the other time he was 245.  Both times he said it was better that the 315 he 
was at his last visit!!!!!!  Well, he told me this  past weekend that his 
latest BG check was 136 so atleast it was down...THAT DAY.  But how will he 
ever know if his MD won't even recommend a METER??!!!

mom to Joshua
worried daughter and frustrated
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