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Re: [IP] Birth control pills and bg going up?

Oh boy!  Do i know this is true... of course everyone's milage does vary, but 
for me when I was off the pill for a month or so, my sugars were so low and i 
was slow to lower my basals, so i was low for a few days straight with only 
short periods of time in between when I was normal.  (Kim - if you're out 
there, remember the few days you were kind enough to talk me through all my 
lows?) I finally figured it out and actually learned alot from the 
experience.  I also find that about a week before my cycle begins, my basals 
need to go up about 20% or so.  I'm not quite like clockwork, so I don't end 
up turning the alternate basal on or off until i either run high (just before 
my cycle) or wind up with lows (usually somewhere in the first day or two).  
I also have learned that 99% of the times, if I have a stuborn high, where I 
can't attribute it to a carb/fatty food combo, I adjust my basal and thats 
just what I needed.  Sometimes I find out a few days later that I was getting 
sick, and sometimes I never figure it out, but personally, a high that won't 
go away with normal or even heavy bolusing is calling for a higher basal.  
Hope this helps.

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