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[IP] Cure controversy

Paula, I'm sorry that you were lied to. I'm lucky 
that nobody ever promised me that a cure was "just
around the corner." There's no excuse for making
a promise that you know you probably can't keep.

I want a cure too.

Let's set aside for a second the issue of *why* 
the research money is being spent the way it is. 
If all the money that's being put into research
on drugs and gadgets for diabetes were instead put
into a cure, we still would have no guarantee of
finding a cure. That's not the way that medical
research (or any scientific research) works.

Also, of those 16 million Americans with diabetes,
only a small fraction (10%) have type 1. A cure
for type 1 would not help type 2s. (And *nobody*
has ever claimed that a cure for type 2 is close
at hand.) On the other hand, better meters and 
methods for managing diabetes help *all* diabetics. 

Once again, I want a cure too. But in the meantime,
I'm not going to turn down any technology that I
think will make my life better.

/Janet Lafler

P.S. There's an interesting article about the "War
on Cancer" by Jerome Groopman in a recent New Yorker
that criticizes the whole notion of government funding
for a "war" on any disease. Worth a read.
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