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Fran wrote:

<<One of the supposed top notch endo's in AZ told a newly
diagnosed type I that he only needed to test every other day.  At our
group, we all gasped when the patient shared his story.  Very sad but

That's true, Fran.  I met a newly diagnosed Type 2 who was immediatly put on
insulin and he was told to only test twice per day, when he got up in the
morning and when he went to bed at night.  I feel that anyone on insulin
needs to test more frequently than that, since diabetes treatment is not an
exact science and so many other variables affect our bgs.  It's not just
take a shot, and all is ok.  But, the doctors are not advising their
patients to the best care.  I know of people put on pumps who are told they
only need to test 4x per day.  I was told by my CDE to test a minimum of 7x
per day:  in the morning before breakfast, after breakfast, before lunch,
after lunch, before dinner, after dinner and bedtime.  And, then as many
times in between as necessary especially after exercise and other
unscheduled activities.  For me more testing is necessary since I can't tell
from the way I feel that my bg is ok.

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