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Re: [IP] Contact lens measures glucose & CURE?

Your damn skippy i am all bent out of shape. i've given 19 of the 22 years 
of my young life to this disease. why? yes i am going to question every move 
and every motive. i have been hearing about this wonderful cure since i was 
3 years old, it is right around the corner. that's been long and bumpy 
corner. i dont care how good of diabetic you are, you will always have to 
look over you shoulder to make sure you didnt forget a shot - a bolus - a 
meter - extra supplies. i dont want the meter that will count down in 15 
seconds instead of 20. i want to not have to use a meter. i dont want to 
look over my should and have to constantly keep my guard up any longer.
> >  > Is it just me being obtuse, or is anyone sick of hearing about
> >  > all the alternatives do diabetis. All I want is the CURE.
> >
> > Well Yes. That is a good point. On the other hand though I firmly 
> > there has never been a better time to be diabetic - with better care,
> > better expectations, better life expectancy, better knowledge, better
> > options and  better lifestyles - Than Our predecessors ever had.
> > - ----------------------------------------------------------
>This kind of reminds me of the teenager who wrote to our local newspaper 
>bent out of shape about those using animals for testing. I replied with how
>fortunate I am to have my life because of the dogs Banting and Best used to
>discover insulin. I said something that if this person knew anyone in her
>family who takes insulin should be happy about it or they wouldn't 
>be alive.
>A *researcher* lambasted me that they could have found another way instead
>using some unfortunate dogs - which was completely unnecessary. However, it
>wasn't done, and without that *discovery* perhaps we wouldn't have Humalog
>today. I'm still glad those *unfortunate* dogs gave their lives so I could
>live - and it's been over 50 years now. NPH was released the year I was 
>I used it for 33 years which I mixed with Regular.
>My summation: while they are working on a cure - which MAY not be possible 
>ever, I'm glad they are making life a bit easier and more tolerable. YMMV
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