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Re: [IP] Not sure what to call this

It is great that you wake up to test Josh.  My mom got up every morning
between 2-3 am to test me from diagnosis date at 5 years old till move
away from home date at 16 years old.  Only once I had a severe low
(unconsious) but I thank God that she came to test me or who knows what
might of happened.  I think even with tight control it can always be
tighter so testing during the early morning hours helps and as Catherine
said nothing wrecks the day more than starting with a low or high bg. 
Keep testing and don't worry about what other people say.  I am sure it
is good for the peace of mind too:)

Keep on testing even while pumping


>From: catherine popper<email @ redacted> >Reply-To:
email @ redacted >To: email @ redacted >Subject: Re: [IP] Not
sure what to call this >Date: Wed, 27 Jun 2001 12:47:07 -0700 (PDT) > >I
set the alarm almost every night for the same >reason. I would do the
same for my child! It makes >such a difference when you start the day
with a good >BG, mentally and physically. >Catherine > > > > This is
Sylvia, mom to Joshua. I have had a few > > people criticize me for > >
still getting up at 3-3:30AM to check Josh's BGs. > >
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