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Re: [IP] Not sure what to call this


  This is Sylvia, mom to Joshua.  I have had a few people criticize me for 
still getting up at 3-3:30AM to check Josh's BGs.  But this may be a very 
good example of why I continue to do so.  There have been times that I've 
checked and he was VERY low or VERY high and I've been able to treat it right 
then so that by morning he is basically perfect.  There is always that chance 
that something can happen and while I still can I want to make sure that 
nothing does.  It helps ME to sleep better at night.  And I'm up maybe 3 
minutes tops, unless I have to feed him a roll of Smarties for a low or 
something then it is more like 5 minutes.  But since his highest basal rate 
starts at 4AM for DP I NEED to make sure that he is at a fairly good range 
before it kicks in.

  My point,  maybe it isn't such a crazy idea to do that middle of the night 
BG check to make sure that things are alright and you can possibly catch 
something before it gets too far away!!

Just my opinion!

mom to Joshua
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