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>Catherine wrote:
><<Anyway, my point is if docs
>encouraged rather than discouraged people to do
>multiple testing, I think there would be MUCH fewer
>trips to the ER. When I exercise, sometimes I test
>every half hour for a while to see where I'm going.>>

I too agree with you completely.  I guess for me this is where we need to 
be extremely proactive and play our own doctor.  We need to be able to tell 
our doctors that we test x number a times a day so please write the script 
for that much.  I believe it is unfortunate that we as diabetics need to 
know more than our doctors, but it's true.  Most of these doctors just 
don't get it.  One of the supposed top notch endo's in AZ told a newly 
diagnosed type I that he only needed to test every other day.  At our 
group, we all gasped when the patient shared his story.  Very sad but true.

Fran, who test about 10 times a day.
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