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Re: [IP] Quick-set update

I used to use the sof sets, and I had a hard time m,aking them stick too.  I 
ended up using 3 peices of tape!

I inserted my 3rd quickset, and it's getting a little better.  For those who 
use them, do you pinch the skin when you insert, or leave it flat?  I've 
always pinched when using sofsets, but with the quickset if I pinch the 
inserter doesn't lay flat (it's round and too wide), but when I don't pinch 
it doesn't go in right.  Also, when I pinch the skin and put the inserter up 
against it, the needle of the quickset pricks my skin.  I think most of my 
problems are coming from the inserter.  Why couldn't they have come up with 
a pen-like device?  It seems that would have been easier.  I guess it's a 
good thig they sent me a few extras, cause I'm using at least 2 on every try 
for now.

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