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RE: [IP] Protein and blood glucose

>I just want to reiterate, primarily because of another pumper who seems to 
>desperately be trying to misinform you all, that protein when eaten is NOT 
>absorbed at metabolized in the body as glucose.  It is absorbed and 
>metabolized as amino acids.  When I consult a diabetic, and when I myself
>meat without the presence of carbohydrates of any kind, I do not bolus any 
>insulin coverage.  The only macronutrient that is metabolized as glucose is

>carbohydrates.  THIS is why we teach and learn carbohydrate counting, and
>carbohydrate, protein, and fat counting.  Do not be mislead on this!  

I won't argue the processes of protein metabolism, but as always, YMMV, and
I must count protein when bolusing.  The traditional method of counting only
carbs does not work for everyone, particularly, I think, for those of us who
try to eat mainly low-glycemic foods.  

The following quote is from Dr. Bernstein's Diabetes Solution: "Protein is
the second of our two dietary sources of blood sugar. Protein foods are only
about 20 percent protein by weight (6 grams per ounce), the rest being fat,
water, or undigestible 'gristle.' The liver, instructed by the hormone
glucagon, can very slowly transform as much as 52 percent of the above 6
grams per ounce into glucose? if blood sugar descends too low or the body's
other amino acid needs have been met. Neither carbohydrate nor fat can be
transformed into protein."  I am not pushing Dr. Bernstein's book, just
pointing out that there are other points of view on the subject of insulin
requirements for protein.

I'm not a dietician or biochemist, but this formula works for me.  I divide
the total no. of grams of protein by about 2 and square wave over 1-2 hours
depending on the size of the meal.  This is mostly guesswork, but it works
pretty well for me, especially for high protein meals.  YMMV!!

I'd really like to hear from others who are trying to reduce carbs and eat
more protein.  It is tricky for me to count.  I think that this is an area
that dieticians and CDEs need to investigate more. 

Thanks, Colleen 
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