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RE: [IP] Contact lens measures glucose

PAULA DAVIS [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> it was said in an earlier email. 
> it is more 
> profitable to put out "new technology to make living with 
> diabetes seem 
> easier", than to just find (or give) the cure. would you destroy a 
> multi-billion dollar industry for a disease that can be 
> tolorated and lived 
> with?

But Paula, this assumes that the pharmaceutical industry controls diabetes
research, and it doesn't.   Neither does the insurance industry.  Those who
provide most of the funding for research (NIH and a few private
organizations) have no vested financial interest in current treatment.

But let me say a little more about the kinds of funding done by the US
government.  Approximately 70% of the U. S. budget is pass-through - that is
the money is budgeted and appropriated for programs administered by
government agencies, and most of that is then disbursed as payment for
grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts.  The difference is in the
level of control the agency maintains:

- contracts: the government agency maintains full control over how the money
is spent;
- cooperative agreements: control split between the agency and the awardees;
- grants: all control is given to the awardees.

Most funding for research is in the form of grants, which means that the
funding agency (usually NIH) retains no control over how the funds are used.

Jim Handsfield
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email @ redacted

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