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Re:[IP] Protein and blood glucose

Dawn wrote:

<<<I just want to reiterate, primarily because of another pumper who seems
desperately be trying to misinform you all, that protein when eaten is NOT
absorbed at metabolized in the body as glucose.  It is absorbed and
metabolized as amino acids.  When I consult a diabetic, and when I myself
meat without the presence of carbohydrates of any kind, I do not bolus any
insulin coverage.  The only macronutrient that is metabolized as glucose is

Dawn, you forgot to write YMMV!  when I will eat protein even without carbs
I will need to administer insulin for it (of course in much smaller amounts
then carbs, for example, 1 large egg = to 3.1 g glucose)

<<< THIS is why we teach and learn carbohydrate counting, and not
carbohydrate, protein, and fat counting.  Do not be mislead on this!  >>>

As a matter of fact some people follow the TAG system (total available
glucose) which calls for administering insulin for Carbs Proteins and fats.

Rabbi Hirsch Meisels
email @ redacted
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