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In a message dated 6/27/2001 1:17:59 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> So I tried the bent needle in my upper buttock for the
> first time. Actually, I tried two sets and neither of
> them were absorbing. I had like, 6 saltines and an
> apple for lunch and covered it and was 400 an hour
> later. So I changed the set to no avail. I'm back in
> the the thigh now, and am at 126. So frustrating! Doc
> said the best sites are (in order) abdomen, upper
> buttock, and thigh only if necessary. Just goes to
> show how weird all this is. 
> I'm thankful I got back to normal. I was so close to
> ripping the thing off and winging it out the window (I
> think I heard there are laws against that here in
> NYC), but I just had to breathe and take a step back
> and regard it as a scientific process with me as the
> subject. 
> I know I've asked this before, but is there anyone out
> there actually using the bent needle regularly?
> Everyone who used it seems to be using the newer sets
> now. 

Catherine:   Have you tried the silhouette sets?   I was using the bent 
needle for about two years and experienced poor absorption, infections at the 
sites, and allergic reactions to the needles.   I have definitely decreased 
the number of problems by changing.   Good luck------
Dianne      IDDM x 10 yrs    Pumping x 9 yrs
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