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No Subject

So I tried the bent needle in my upper buttock for the
first time. Actually, I tried two sets and neither of
them were absorbing. I had like, 6 saltines and an
apple for lunch and covered it and was 400 an hour
later. So I changed the set to no avail. I'm back in
the the thigh now, and am at 126. So frustrating! Doc
said the best sites are (in order) abdomen, upper
buttock, and thigh only if necessary. Just goes to
show how weird all this is. 
I'm thankful I got back to normal. I was so close to
ripping the thing off and winging it out the window (I
think I heard there are laws against that here in
NYC), but I just had to breathe and take a step back
and regard it as a scientific process with me as the
I know I've asked this before, but is there anyone out
there actually using the bent needle regularly?
Everyone who used it seems to be using the newer sets
Thanks! Catherine

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