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Catherine wrote:

<<Anyway, my point is if docs
encouraged rather than discouraged people to do
multiple testing, I think there would be MUCH fewer
trips to the ER. When I exercise, sometimes I test
every half hour for a while to see where I'm going.>>

I agree with you completely.  I also test frequently each day because I have
no clue of what my bg is by the way I'm feeling.  Sometimes lows can seem
like highs and highs can seem like lows.  The only way I know I'm ok is to
test.  Then, when I do something out of the ordinary (like exercise *grin*)
I test much more.  That was my point here.  Diabetes is pretty much an
unpredictable disease, and we need to take the responsibility of monitoring
it so that we can catch things before they get serious and become problems.

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