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[IP] heredity and type 1

> Lets just take a look at you and I.  I come from a family that has NO type
> diabetics that anyone can track back.  Only type 2's and there are 3 of
> those.  So, why did I get it???   I honestly don't beleive that anyone can
> answer this question for everyone.  I think that just like this complicated
> disease, there are no answers true to all.  Sometimes there are no answers
> true from one to the next.  I think that you have to believe that your son
> has benefited from the small amount of time you could breast feed him.
> like us, his fate will be what it will be.  I suppose this is ONLY MY
> OPINION, but I feel that you can't worry about it because you can't change
> it.  I wish you the best!
> Laurie Davis
> 27 y.o. DX 12-23-91
> Disetronic 04-96
no one knows why some folks get type 1 dm and others do not but a mutation of
a gene on chromosome 1 and a certain blood cell antigen sets it up in those of
us lucky enough to get it. even identical twins do not both get this disease,
breast milk immunity is probably a fable. spot
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