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Re: [IP] Re: Htron battery replacement (Kristin)

At 05:48 PM 6/26/01, you wrote:
>Kristin wrote:
><<What instruction sheet do you mean? I have an Htron and had all my spare
>batteries fail last winter when I was out of town on business.  >>
>Sorry, for not replying sooner, I was out of town.  Kristin, there are
>instructions on this IP website for changing the batteries in the H-Tron
>battery pack.  Go to the main page www.insulin-pumpers.org and choose
>"Diabetes and Pump HOWTO's" then on the next page choose "Disetronic-Battery
>HOWTO".  The instructions for changing out the batteries in the battery pack
>are there.

I hate to be redundant but just want to keep the caution out that this 
should only be done in an emergency seeing that doing this will void the 
pumps warranty.
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