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[IP] Good new/Bad news?

Insurance is still draggin their feet authorizing the pump.  I call every other day to bug them.  Today I had some interesting news.  I had my blood draw yesterday (didn't pass out for the first time in 10 draws!) and my hA1c came back 6.1  That is the best one I've had in 20 years.  (Unfortunately probably due to hypos too many times, my log wouldn't show you great control!)  Anyway, now I'm worried that this will be the excuse insurance needs to deny the pump.  I just cannot believe 6.1.....I only started testing my BG again 5/11!  (I was a bad diabetic, didn't test ever for 6-8 years.)  Can insurance use the hA1c to deny if your doctors insist you still have the pump?  I'm very concerned now.

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