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[IP] Glyemic Index and Microalbumin

has anyone been put on a low protein diet for their kidneys? I was on
several websites researching kidney disease. (I recently was put on an ACE
inhibitor, too.) I found a couple of sites that mentioned a low protein diet
is sometimes recommended but did not mention how many grams of protein is
considered low. Anyone have any idea? My doctor mentioned that if my micro
albumin count rises, they might have me monitor how much protein I am
intaking. My doctor did tell me that exercise will raise the micro albumin
count so I was not allowed to do any exercise the day before or the day of
the 24 urine test.

Richard, to figure out how much protein you should be having, take your 
weight in pounds and divide it by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms.  Take 
that number and multiply it by .8.  This will tell you how many grams of 
protein to consume daily.  

I too have decided to adapt a diet low in protein for the very same reason.  
I, however, chose to go vegetarian.  I hope this helps.  

pumper yrs, diabetic 11 yrs.  
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