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Re: [IP] Re: Could this be possible????

>  >BTW, I also ended up in the ER tonight I'm assuming as a result of the
>  >exercise of swimming?!?!?  What fun....in the sun!  LOL
>  I really don't think that is funny.  If you are having that many visit to
>  the ER due to lows, then I think you have problems, like way to many lows
>  and maybe basels need adjusting or carb ratio.
>  Fran
>  Type E 38 years, maybe 8 calls to the paramedics for lows, no ER visits for
>  lows, no hospital stays due to diabetes.
>  >- >>
>Some people are just "lucky" and can control their diabetes much more easily
>than others.

I DO NOT consider myself lucky.  I do feel fortunate that I have not been 
in the hospital a lot due to diabetes related issues, but please trust me 
controlling blood sugars with gastro is nearly impossible 
sometimes.  Getting out of a low can be really scary at times.  I am 
fortunate to have a wonderful husband who will give me a glucagon shot when 
needed.  Being on the pump has made things easier to control even with the 

>  I got quite sick of doctors implying that we needed to change
>something we were doing or not doing and that would simply improve Claire's

I couldn't agree with you more, yet I do believe with the pump it is MUCH 
easier to make those adjustments and not have nearly the lows and nearly 
the highs vs without the pump.

>They would not admit that NPH is so variable and that some can just
>control things with much less problem.  Everyone on this site should know
>that by now, however.

I think those of us that were on NPH would concur 100%, yet that is 
probably one of the reasons we are on pumps now or trying to be.

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