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Re: [IP] Re: Feelings???

> <<  Am I imagining it or when I do a large bolus am I feeling the insulin 
> going 
> in??? And what about tenderness at infusion sites.  I have only been doing 
> this 2 weeks but have had to change sites because of tenderness and 
> redness. 
> >>
When I give a large bolus, I too sometimes feel the insulin being delivered.  
This seems to happen when my set is inserted in my hip, not when it's 
inserted in my stomach.  Whenever I need to bolus a larger amount of insulin, 
I use the square wave feature over a 30 minute time frame.  I do this mostly 
so that I am not getting a huge amount of insulin at once and have my blodd 
sugars drop rapidly, but it also helps with the discomfort I feel when the 
insulin is being infused into me!

Kelly -- diagnosed 1973, pumping since 1994
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