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[IP] Swimming pools

Speaking of swimming pools.  Just thought I might fill you in on another one
of the wondrous gifts I received as a part of being diabetic.  I went
Swimming (I should say wading. Never fully submerged but was splashed once
in the face.) on Saturday at the post swimming pool at Ft. Sam Houston, TX.
Anyway by that night I had a runny nose and felt drained.  BG's were up
slightly (180-200).  Sunday my nose was on fire and my throat hurt.  BG's
were (200-230). Bolusing and bolusing to keep them down.  By Monday I felt
like a truck had hit me and I was totally stopped up and throat was killing
me.  I went to the doctor because no matter how much insulin I was taking I
could not get below 240.  The doctor said I had a whole slew of things going
to include sinus infection, ear infection and I was checked for strep.

Today my bg's are finally back in range and I am on amoxicillin.

I hope everyone that enjoys a pool this summer enjoys a clean one.

Sheila Morris
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