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[IP] Re: Anxiety Over Obtuse Medical People

    email @ redacted wrote  << it has occurred to me that you  might be in 
an emergency situation where the medical people did not know--or care to know 
or take time with -- anything about your pump. Then what happens?>>

    When I first read this I thought (sarcastically) what do mean they MIGHT 
NOT know? But really, this has been one of my fears living alone and coming 
in contact with not-so-great medical people (as anyone who sees as many 
medical people as us is bound to come across). 
    I think of it this way: ERs are staffed by people that have to know 
what's normal and abnormal for a lot of different conditions. They might know 
it's wildly abnormal for you to be 567 and you must have insulin, but they 
probably don't know WHY or really care WHY. I don't think ER people (or some 
PCP's for that matter) know much of anything about the daily routines of 
diabetics, much less pumpers vs. non-pumpers and Type I's vs. Type 2's.
    I have always been conscious and able to take care of myself (or at least 
tell someone what to do) and STILL there have been times that I have had to 
sit there explaining to a nurse or doc that NO I can't exactly wait a few 
minutes while my blood sugar is 34 for them to run and get the meter and then 
get around to giving me juice. They just don't get it.
    My solution for this sort of underlying anxiety is to tell people who are 
likely to be with me what to do in emergencies. Thankfully I have never 
passed out, but it makes me feel better to be proactive. This fess-up-habit 
took me until I was in my 20s to do properly, but I've even told my boss and 
guys on dates. The worst is when people ask you what they should know WHILE 
you're having a hypo. So, I try to tell them when I'm testing or some other 
relaxed time. 
    - Hillary
    25 yr old, DXed 1985
    Pumper since 6/1/00
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