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Re: [IP] Contact lens measures glucose

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 From: Handsfield, James H. [mailto:email @ redacted]
 The only problem is that diabetes is not one disease, but several
 diseases with common symptoms.  Which would you cure first?
 Well, obviously the part about not having cells in my pancreas to make
 If I were overweight and Type II (and I'm sure this would not help all
 Type IIs) I would certainly change my lifestyle first.

First of all, type 2 is genetic. It's too late for me to get new 
grandmothers. I eat low-fat and I ride my bike 10 miles a day (minimum). 
While growing up, I walked extensively, rode my bike and participated in a 
marching band. I still got type 2 diabetes.  While it's true that most type 
2s are overweight (including me, despite my best efforts), it's also true 
that about 78 percent of overweight people in the United States do NOT have 
type 2 diabetes. You have to have the genes.

Jan and Elvis
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