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[IP] Anyone ever done this????

I have mentioned in previous posts that I get up during the night to eat, 
without remembering anything (especially bolusing) but Friday night 
something else strange happened.  While sleeping, sometime between 11:00 PM 
and 3:00 AM, I disconnected my MM 508, and do not remember doing it.

I woke about 3:15 AM feeling sick to my stomach, as I usually do when my BS 
is above 300.  Got out of bed,  went to the bathroom, grabbed my meter and 
tested, and was 395. At that point, I reached down to bolus 14 units, as 1 
unit usually lowers my BS 20 points, and low and behold,  no pump.  I 
frantically searched the room for my pump, and found it on the nightstand 
next to the bed.

I have spoken to my endo about my problem with eating durning the night / 
early AM. She seems to think that I am getting low during the night. If that 
is the case, I cannot understand why my BS would be 280+ the next morning.

Also,  does anyone know what effects smokeless tobacco has on diabetics?


Andy J.
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