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[IP] injecting into infusion set

Hi everyone,

As I mentioned before, I am participating in a study for a month using
lantus to replace 1/2 my basal rate.  With this setup, I can still adjust
down for exercise, and have even disconnected the last two days when I
went running.  I have been doing this since last Thursday and have
injected into my site.  I've heard others, most notably Lily, have done
this with success.  However, I'm questioning if it is working correctly
or not, as I'm not quite sure I get the angle right as I put the needle
in as there is sometimes resistance, but if it seems to go in I have
assumed it was ok.  Last night after the injection, I noticed some
wetness which was probably insulin around the site.  Not sure if this was
the H from the disconnect or if part of the lantus didn't get in.  What
are other people's experience with injecting into the infusion site?
 Should I take the safe route and do it the old fashioned way?</fo! nt>

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