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[IP] BCBS Insurance

I know the COBRA laws as I did challenge a former employer who 
denied my my
COBRA rights and won in court.  And the info is out there for any 
person who
does the research.
Roxanne Said >>>>>SNIP Most insurance companies are not 
tricky.  They must follow the Federal law.
For more information, go to http://www.cobrahealth.com/thelaw.htm
Roxanne Villanueva  RD, LD<<<<<<<<SNIP

Roxanne is 100% correct.   I had to step in when I went from one 
business company to another, both with blue cross.  What they did 
was tell me that I had to meet a new deductible all over again 
because of the "Break" in coverage, Friday Midnight to Sunday 
Midnight.   This would mean another $500 deductible to be met.   
The only way they would NOT charge me the deductible again was 
for the new company to back date my employment to the same 
Friday I Ieft old company.   This was, by the way, BCBS of 
Alabama.  Bless their little hearts. 
Bonnie Richardson
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