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[IP] short tubing and dog leashes

email @ redacted writes:
> What we REALLY need is tubing about 10" long that STRETCHES to 43" whne
you need it!
> How about one of those thingies they use for walking the dog... you know,
the  roll-up leash!!

 email @ redacted  writes:
 > Geez Gina, now you want to put us on leashes?? LOL Isn't this all hard
> now you're making it complicated!! hee hee (actually, it would be
> nice to be able to get away from the pump without disconnecting!)


This reminds me of when I first started pumping.   I was in the process of
trying to decide on an outfit for work one morning and wasn't in the best of
moods.  I had tried on a couple different outfits while dealing with my pump
and 23" of tubing (don't know WHY I just didn't disconnect!) and got very
frustrated.  I remember griping to my husband about feeling like a dog on a
leash.  It was NOT funny at the time, but it does make me laugh now!
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