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Re: [IP] Not the best of weekends

> Another thing was that in the ER my husband found out that they
> were going to do a CAT scan because I was complianting of a
> headache so much. My husband asked for them to let him take the
> pump off first. Well they brought me to get the CAT scan before he
> got it and I got the CAT scan with the pump. I already called
> mimimed and did all with them. It seems fine. It's one of the new
> CAT scans that does the whole thing in 3 minutes. But what gets
> both me and my husband was the ER doctor at the hospital.
> According to my husband he ripped off the pump and handed to my
> husband. Saying that he didn't want to deal with this contraption.
> He didn't know anything about or wanted to find out. At least my
> husband could have taken off with out ripping a good two inch piece
> of skin with it. Wait until I get the patient survey to complete!!

I think under these condition that I would also write a letter of complaint
to the Administrater of the Hospital. The people in the ER need to be
educated. I had a slight run in with a x-ray tech last week in the ER.

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