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Okay, I went to the pool today for the first time since pumping and of course 
spent my day basting in the lovely hot sun...LOL  The problem is, it didn't 
feel hot to me...AT ALL!  All the adults were jumping in the water like every 
1/2 hour or so to cool off and/or using a squirt bottle to cool off while I 
just lay there watching them thinking "What the heck are they doing?  It's 
not even that hot out here today!"
Well, it was 89 degrees with NO clouds whatsoever and no breeze!  My question 
is:  Does anyone think that neuropathy could affect the feeling of the hot 
sun on the skin?  I do have severe peripheral neuropathy and moderate 
autonomic neuropathy as determined by the Anscore test.  I used to bake in 
the sun and never even wanted to lay out because I couldn't stand the heat on 
my skin, but this time was like I wasn't even in the sun!  I mean, of course 
it was hot, but it was nothing -- and I mean NOTHING -- like it used to be!
Anyone have any ideas on this?  Sean?  Dr. Spot?  Brian?
Not the little hottie anymore (LOL)......
Gina & Mr Clicks

BTW, I also ended up in the ER tonight I'm assuming as a result of the 
exercise of swimming?!?!?  What fun....in the sun!  LOL
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