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[IP] Low protein diet

Donna wrote:
> Also, has anyone been put on a low protein diet for their kidneys? I was on
> several websites researching kidney disease. (I recently was put on an ACE
> inhibitor, too.) I found a couple of sites that mentioned a low protein diet
> is sometimes recommended but did not mention how many grams of protein is
> considered low. Anyone have any idea? My doctor mentioned that if my micro
> albumin count rises, they might have me monitor how much protein I am
> intaking. My doctor did tell me that exercise will raise the micro albumin
> count so I was not allowed to do any exercise the day before or the day of
> the 24 urine test.

I was put on a low protein diet about 8.5 years ago and lost another 15%
function during that year and a half. It was horrible (to me) using Carnation
Creamora instead of milk - yuk! Even green beans have protein - it ALL had to
be counted! I requested a nephrologist since they specialize in kidney
function. The first app't he said, "Get off that low protein diet." I asked if
I could hug him - he said I could thank him profusely. BUT, he studied with
the dr. at Johns-Hopkins who does the L.P.diet with rats - he said it works
for rats but humans aren't rats. One of the biggest things is to not overdo
the potassium intake. There is a list of foods on the IP site with values in
them. A neph will check your levels and let you know what is best to stay
within normal limits. A neph will also keep close tabs on your BP. Eat more
chicken and fish instead of red meats. Don't drink Coke or Pepsi (diet or reg)
because of the phosphates - hard on the kidneys. I went to dialysis training
last Tuesday and was told 7Up, Crush, Root Beer are okay. OH - YMMV!  (~_^)

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