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[IP] Not the best of weekends

Hi All:
Husband and I did not have the best of weekends. Another trip to 
the ER for a low blood sugar. Only this has to be the longest one I 
have ever had. I'm still taking some of the infertility drugs which are 
lowering my blood sugars with each new drug. 

I woke up on Sunday am with a blood sugar of 25 and after two 
glucogon kits and 1/2 of time it only went up one point. Husband 
got the rescue squad and off to the hospital. I was acting like a two 
year old wouldn't listen. I know I can becomes a pain to deal with. 
Usually this last for about 1/2 to 45 minutes at the most ever. I 
don't always remember what happens but this time was different. I 
lost a whole day. From early that morning til later that evening in a 
hospital room is gone. 

Another thing was that in the ER my husband found out that they 
were going to do a CAT scan because I was complianting of a 
headache so much. My husband asked for them to let him take the 
pump off first. Well they brought me to get the CAT scan before he 
got it and I got the CAT scan with the pump. I already called 
mimimed and did all with them. It seems fine. It's one of the new 
CAT scans that does the whole thing in 3 minutes. But what gets 
both me and my husband was the ER doctor at the hospital. 
According to my husband he ripped off the pump and handed to my 
husband. Saying that he didn't want to deal with this contraption. 
He didn't know anything about or wanted to find out. At least my 
husband could have taken off with out ripping a good two inch piece 
of skin with it. Wait until I get the patient survey to complete!!
Gail J Donohue
email @ redacted
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