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Re: [IP] site rotation - resistant after 2 days

My educating nurse said sites should be changed EVERY
THREE DAYS AT THE MOST (you know how they can be), so
it was interesting to find out many people here do the
twice a week schedule with success. I was wondering if
anyone finds that the site becomes resistant to
insulin after two or three days. My Minimed rep said
she had to change every 2 days. I'm still
experimenting and documenting, but I put a set in
(bent needle) Friday night, and it seems like my
numbers are running a little higher this afternoon.  
We found not too long ago that sites were becoming
resistant on our son Luke (6) after 1-2 days.  When we
switched to a Humalog/Regular mix as suggested by
others on this list who had experienced Humalog
sensitivity, then we started getting 3+ days again. 
Luke changes out 2x/week now.  Can't say that's it for
you, but it sure worked for us.  

Also, I thought I'd seen before that bent needle sets
were supposed to be changed at 2 days, but the Teflon
cannulas should go to 3 days.  I don't know anything
on the bent needle sets so that could just be me

YMMV of course.
Good luck, Shelly V, mom to Luke, 6, pumping 3/5/01,
MM508 + QuickSets

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