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Re: [IP] Minimed Sport Guard is it worth $49?

From: "Denise McGovern" <email @ redacted>

I have a 508 and am debating what to do with my pump
when I bring my kids to the pool.  I thought I would
just disconnect but with the discussions about
stolen pumps it makes me a bit nervous.  Is the Sport
Guard worth the $49 that Mini Med is charging?

Denise, We got a Sport Guard for my son Luke to use if
he wants to at day-camp, since he gets nervous about
disconnecting from his rear end in front of other
people.  (He doesn't mind disconnecting from the
belly.)  It does work for us, and while it is somewhat
bulky, it goes together pretty easily and it does keep
water out, which gives Luke a choice on what to do,
plus gives him peace of mind for water gun fights and
other unpredictable water events.  If you're going to
worry so much about your pump that you don't enjoy
swimming with your kids, I'd say spend the money for
the peace of mind & then have a good time.  If you get
it, do put a little vaseline on every time you use it,
and stick a dryer sheet behind the pump - just for

Good luck,
Shelly V., Austin, TX, mom to Luke, 6, dx'd 10/15/99,
pumping 3/5/01 MM508 + QuickSets

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