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Re: [IP] Bad Quickset sites

I had a problem with Quicksets too.  I had one bent cannula, one site came
out during the night and a couple of them hit veins (hurt a lot) and had to
be removed.  I am fairly thin too and decided to give up on them and use
Sil's.  I figured the 90 degree angle just wouldn't work for me.  I have
been using the Sil's  since April and have not had one bad experience yet.
I do use less of an angle than they recommend and they work great.  So far,
I have only inserted them in my abdomen area and I do use my navel area too.
It doesn't bother me to insert them either.  I know that is what turns a lot
of people off from the Sil's.  Hope this helps.

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Subject: [IP] Bad Quickset sites

> I am using the 6mm Quickset and have had two sites go bad in a week.
After I
> pull the cannula out, I checked with a bolus and insulin was getting thru.
> sugar is OK at 3 AM, but by 6 AM it has risen over 100 points, and
> to rise until I change the site.  I am thin which maybe contributing to
> problem. Is anyone else experiencing this problem?  MiniMed is sending
> of the Silhouette.  What is thin peoples experience with them?  I use
> around my navel.  Would other sites work better?  Your comments are
> appreciated.
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