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[IP] D-Tron Adapter & Battery

>Can any one tell me how often you change the adapter on a dtron and has any
>one tried to replace the batteries themselves.  I know how its done for the
>htron but haven't read anything about the  dTron.  Thanks


We were told the adapter, tubing, and cartridge can be changed at the same
time. Hubby changes it whenever the insulin cartridge sounds the low warning.
If he is just at home (like on a weekend) he might wait until it totally gives
out. This is approximately once a week, sometimes longer. The reason she gave
us for changing them in that amount of time was because the plastic
deteriorates after a certain amount of time...don't ask me how long,

The battery doesn't need to be changed until you get the low battery warning.
The batteries are easy to replace...you don't need to remove the adapter. With
the pump sitting on it's fatter end, the battery compartment towards you on
top and the tubing coming out of the pump on the top pointing toward you, turn
the adapter to the right to the 3:00 position. Don't turn it to the 1:00
position, that is for removing the adapter/cartridge. Then, use the little red
thingie (don't know the technical term) to unscrew the battery
(counter-clockwise). Before removing the battery, the top of the battery
should be in this position (-). Turn it to this position (/)...it should pop
right out. Don't turn all the way to (|)...that is too far. If you turn too
far and use a lot of force, you could crack the case.

A best thing to do is look at the CD that you got with your pump. It has great
little macromedia-type movie with step-by-step instructions, actually showing
a "virtual" pump. You can practice changing the battery, changing the adapter,
etc. It shows you have to do everything!

Also, Carey changes the site every 3 days, but of course, that is hard to
remember. He liked the great tip somebody gave about writing the date on the
tape. He is going to try that.

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