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Re: [IP] Re: antibody testing in relatives

Yes, my family has a LONG history of antibody testing dating back to 1983 
when my younger sibling was picked up with antibodies and did eventually 
develop diabetes---though never symptomatically because my mom refused to 
give her "false hope" that she wasn't going to develop full blown diabetes 
after showing impaired IV glucose tolerance and diminished insulin levels.  
At any rate, I feel so strongly that catching diabetes early is the one of 
the best ways to help prevent complications later on that I have routinely 
had both of my children tested.  My son began the testing back in 1992 when 
he was 2 and my daughter started at 9months.  Both of them have also been 
genetically HLA typed for the diabetes markers that may or may not be present 
on their white blood cells.  That information, while not a guarantee, has 
allowed me to rest more easily (especially when potty training dd who seems 
obsessed with using the porcelin facilities).  

As an aside, my kids are also enrolled in a study called DAISY which stands 
for Diabetes AutoImmunity Study in the Young.  This study tracks their 
antibody production (including some antibodies that aren't in the traditional 
ICA antibody detection), and also exposure to different foods, allergies, 
dietary habits and many other questionable triggers for diabetes.  If either 
child develops  ICA antibodies they can be enrolled in the Diabetes 
Prevention Trial.  
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