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[IP] Long vs. short tubing

In a message dated 6/25/2001 9:16:13 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>  I'm just curious as to why you prefer the 43" tubing?  We had to use a 
>  couple of 43" when we couldn't get the shorter and they seemed so long 
> a 
>  child!  However, Claire seemed to like them because she could lay her pump 
> on 
>  the floor when she changed clothes.  Now I'm unsure whether to trade our 2 
>  boxes of 43" back for the 23" or not.

I say go with what your child prefers -- she's the one that has to wear it . 
. .Katie prefers the 43" -- but at ten years old, she's almost 5' 1" so she's 
not exactly normal child height . . . She likes to be able to hang her pumps 
on various areas around her waist band (or back pocket) or sometimes from the 
neck line of her night shirts.  At night, she generally either throws the 
pump in bed next to her or puts it under her pillow.  This length also lets 
her just clip her pump to the shampoo rack in the shower, or leave the pump 
laying on the counter or the floor when she's getting ready, changing 
clothes, or taking a bath . . . 

At first, she didn't really know what to do with all the extra tubing, but 
now she's used to it an just sticks it in her pants, her underwear, or her 
bathing suit bottoms without giving it an extra thought.  We temporarily 
taped up a long tubing to the short length so she could experiement and it 
just felt too constrictive to her and she worried about her site getting 
jerked out if she dropped her pump . . . 

She did wear a short tubing set for several days when she first tried living 
with a pump (no set inserted, just stuck to her skin) -- so it's not that the 
43s are all she knows , but they do seem to be what she prefers . . .

Different strokes for different folks . . .

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