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[IP] Always something...

Yesterday Matt was swimming, using the MM Sportguard. He has been using it off
and on for the last 2weeks with great success. Yesterday...Matt ran by me and
i noticed the guard  full of water!!  Thank goodness he was only swimming
maybe 10mins when i noticed. I immediately dryed out pump the best i could
with low temp blowdryer, and got on the phone with MM......so far so good. No
ill effects.......THANK YOU SOMEONE! Of course i went thru a complete check
with MM, changing set, batteries, and doing a lead screw test. They advised me
to watch the pump closely, and that they would be putting a new sportguard in
the mail, to please send this one back for testing. I THINK THEY ARE GREAT!!
They've always been so helpful and reassuring that i didn't do anything wrong,
and that they will replace the pump if problems should arise. So,  for the
rest of the day, Matt was disconnected and reconnected to eat, and i thought
to replace basal. But....he was in the 50's ...60's because of swimming...how
do you give basals when low???  By 10pm he was 454, then the meter read HI.
after a correction......i took out the set, and the canula wasn't under the
skin and bent!!  Jeezzzz always something......Matt and his pump are fine, so
far today!
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