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[IP] beach

My 12 year old daughter's first trip to the beach since being on the
pump is this week. She is 12 and very active. She usually disconnects
for swimming pools and boluses every hour or so. However, she often has
her site come dislodged when she is physically active even in a swimming
pool. I am concerned that she will have to insert a new infusion set
every hour in order to bolus.

Her infusion set is the Comfort, which accordng to Pumping Insulin 3rd
ed. is the same as the Silhouette. It's what Animas first sent us. We
use IV Prep Anitiseptic Wipe, then she inserts through a MVP Transparent
Dressing. We are fairly new at this and have not tried anything else.

I am also concerned about the sand and salt water and its effect or her
infusion set. The pump I will store in a plastic bag in an ice chest.

Should we just go back to a short of humalog every four hours on beach
days? Does anyone more experienced than us have any suggestions?

Thanks,  Kay
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