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[IP] Re: Batteries...

> Hi all:  We have had good mileage using the Minimed batteries (Eveready
> 357's?) Well for a bit cheaper (we have no coverage for these) I tried the
> exact same thing from Radio Shack.  They too are Eveready 357.  Well, it
> appears they have lasted us only 2 weeks? WHat's with that? We do not use the
> remote and have the remote function turned off.)

I'm sure many will answer this.  A large part of
battery life is determined by shelf life.  If they
are rotated out quickly they will last longer than
if the distributor uses last in last out and it
takes years to get to the back of the shelf. 
Everything that I've seen on battery tests indicates
that price and brand has only a small, if any,
determination of life.

> Are the Minimed ones really super-charged? They told me when we started
> pumping to only use their batteries but figured I would try these ones?

They, like Disetronic, would rather have you buy

> Does anyone know a way to test to see if the batteries I just took out are
> working?

There are many testers that can be bought at Radio
Shack, etc.

> Also, how long after the Lo Battery alarm does the pump just die?  I always
> change the batteries immediately.

That is best, imo.  Always make sure that you have
another ready.  If you have no fresh one, keep the
recent alarmed one, just in case, for an emergency. 
Some batteries may fail right away.

> Thanks!
> SHelly
> (mom to 5 year old, pumping 10 months.)

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