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Re: [IP] Death From A Diabetic Coma?

Oh my goodness,that's awful.  Rachaell was near coma at that point and 
hospitalization was the only option. In fact they told me that she would have 
died had we waited any longer.  She had that coxsackie virus I kept calling 
the pediatrician with her symptoms when she wasn't getting any better but 
with the virus they said "as long as she is taking in fluids" of course you 
know at that point they take in fluids like crazy.  I blame myself only for 
the fact that mother's instinct had kicked in almost immediately and I 
ignored it.  She lost 10 pounds in 3 days....I'd left her with my parents on 
the day she was hospitalized when i got her she was "out of it "and in the 
fetal position. I picked her up brought her to the doctor and from there 
immediately to the hospital...by that time her eyes were rolling back in her 
head and dehydrated so they couldn't get a vein.  A horrible experience.  
Your daughter sounds like a very strong girl....praise God! And I hope she 
continues on a path of Good control. Mary...Rachaell's mom
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