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Fellow Insulin Pumpers,
 Withour sounding too much like I'm bragging,I'll try
to get over and said with.I'm not bragging,I just
wanted to share the good news...namely that the
American Diabetes Association recently published my
Reflections article," The gift of Sight," in their
Diabetes Forecast Augest 2001 issue.I got my issue
Thursday,and I'm sure within the next week they'll get
around to wherever.I'd submitted it way back in
March,it got accepted in April,was edited in May,so
its been a long 3 months waiting for it too actually
come out.To those of you who read the story,I hope you
enjoy it and that it reflects some of the common
truths/fears that those of us with diabetes all go
through.My one dissapointment in the way the ADA
printed it was that they cut out the reference to my
being a pumper.(this was edited in May,so I'd been
pumping about a week when I included the byline)and
didn't reconsult with me before printing it!Which
majorly bugged me,because pumping has alot to do with
gaining control.I was trying till I was blue in the
face before I was pumping,but wasn't getting very
far.With pumping,you barely have to try.So  if it
sounded like I was an "enlightened" diabetic,I was
attitude wise but nothing else was!Not much I can do
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