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Re: [IP] Hollister Adhesive Spray

When I first started using the Hollister, it was 3 or 4 years ago..there was
nothing on the can about skin, they added that later.  So I didn't worry
about it. I started spraying it directly on....and still do.

I use quicksets, so I spray an area big enough to get the tape patches also.
I tried it with MM Sills. It did not work so well then. It stuck..but since
they go in sideways the pads would catch on the adhesive before the needle
was all the way in.

I have had no trouble...except when I "over spray"..that will make your
underclothes stick to you...they make a "slurrrrrrrrp" sound like velcro
when you pull them loose from your skin.

I use uni-solve to remove residue... but any acetone solvent works with
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> > I have been using Hollister 7730 spray adhesive for years now. It works
> > as well as Mastisol and being a spray it is more sterile.
> >
> It says on the  bottle not to spray on the skin...... I dont know why, but
> you spray it directly on the skin or onto the infusion set itself?
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