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[IP] Wearing pump with swimsuit (women) out of water

I have been pumping for 1 1/2 years now.  I have a 5-year-old son.  We spend 
a fair amount of time during the summer at the pool.  However, most of this 
time is spent at the kiddie pool, wading, etc. (not fully submerged in the 

I have traditionally worn a two-piece bathing suit which allows me to wear my 
pump clipped to my bathing suit bottoms when I am at the pool or beach with 
my son (yet not fully submerged in the water), i.e., sitting by the side, in 
the wading pool, etc.  This year I thought I would try a one-piece suit for a 
change.  I found a really attractive style for me, sort of a little 
dress/nightie style.  

However, after purchasing it, the thought occurred to me... how would I clip 
my pump to it?  There is really no place.  Unless I have something sewn onto 
it.  This particular style was appealing to me because it does not cling to 
the body.  Thus, anything sewn on (a strap of some sort) would be like having 
it dangle from a loose dress.  And the 'leg thing' wouldn't help much, as the 
'dress' is really short.  With a swimsuit I think it would be really weird to 
have that thing showing.

Any ideas?  What do others do while at the pool (but not submerged) in terms 
of wearing the pump, particularly with a one-piece bathing suit??

Thanks, much appreciated.

Julie Newman  (email @ redacted)
P.S.  I am no longer on 'regular mail'.  If you can write to me directly, I 
will forward to the website.  Muchas gracias.
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