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Hi Southpaw:

I am so sorry about your job.....hang in there.  and by all means 
enroll in COBRA.  Unless you get an job before your current 
insurance is cut off, it will be considered a break in insurance and 
you will have to comply with a pre-existing insurance clause for 
about 90 -120 days depending on insurance.

I just lost my job due to the plant closing.  I'm wondering if anyone 
Tenncare, and if so, is it the same as regular insurance?  I have to 
whether to try to keep my insurance thru COBRA.<<<<SNIP

Insurance companies are very tricky and when I changed jobs, one 
ended insurance on Friday at midnight, but I was not covered til 
Monday and I was almost denied continual coverage because it 
was classified as a break in coverage.  Fortunately the new 
company set my policy start back to Friday.  So, yes, get COBRA 
and keep it till your next job.  I know it will hurt, but you gotta take 
the short term pain for the long term gain.  Good luck and keep us 
Bonnie Richardson
Huntsville, AL 
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